Check the balance of your repaid MasterCard online at Any prepaid MasterCards that have been issued by The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited can now be managed from any of your electronic devices including your smartphone! Get the app for your Apple, BlackBerry, or Android device, or simply log in to view your balance and transaction history.

Prepaid gift cards are distributed by a merchant on the basis of a reward, loyalty, or special promotion and can be used anywhere MasterCards are accepted. Your prepaid MasterCard cannot be reloaded. Because you cannot add funds, it is important to always know the balance on your card. Upon reaching a zero balance, or attempting to complete a transaction wherein the total exceeds the current balance available, your will be declined. Applicable fees will be included to each transaction and will be reflected in your most recently updated balance as found on

whatsonmycardTo Retrieve Your Balance from WhatsOnMyCard, You Will Need:

  1. Your card number. This is the 16 or 19 digit number found on the front of your card.
  2. The security code. This is the image containing letters and numbers, and is located directly below the “security code” blank field. This is used merely for verification purposes.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions by clicking the box. Please read all terms and conditions prior to use.
  4. Retrieve your requested information by clicking the “Find” button under the terms and conditions. Your balance and transaction history will then be accessed.

whatsonmycardcomLearn About Your Options at What’s On My Card provides information on receiving SMS notifications regarding your balance, and updates on terms should you decide to activate a Roaming Facility while traveling outside The Republic of South Africa. Your network may charge a standard fee in addition to a fee for using the roaming facility on your cell phone account. Updates can begin being received by the recipient as soon as the prepaid card is issued.

Once you have activated your SMS notifications, messages will include (but are not limited) to the following:

  • The value of your transaction
  • The merchant processing your transaction
  • The currency of your balance
  • The remaining balance of your account

Please note that neither The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited, nor its successors or assigns together with Tutka Software are responsible for SMS notifications that are sent to an incorrect cell phone, as a result of incorrect information being provided. It is your responsibility as the cardholder to provide accurate information when setting up your SMS notifications.

Please notify The Standard Bank of South Africa immediately if you notice any suspicious or unauthorized activity of your card.