Access the reward for loyalty card account balance and recent activity usage with your cards number at The rewards number used to check the card balance can be found on the back of the card directly above the pin number. Cards are individually issued by independent merchants, so if any assistance is needed regarding your card other than checking the cards balance, you must contact them directly. Contact information should be located on the back of the card.

Reward for loyalty cards are reloadable, yet are not redeemable for cash. Since the card is reloadable, if it is lost or stolen it is important to contact the issuing merchant. When a card is lost and shows a period of inactivity, the value of the card may decrease in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. access is only available to cardholders with a valid card number and pin. If you are part of the rewards and referral program, you may need to register your card. Whether you are a training partner, in the referral program or rewards program, you must register your card by filling out the form required by the merchant who issued the card. Once enrolled, and if it’s can be enjoyed by the individual program that has set out to offer rewards through its rules and regulations.

Reward Program Possibilities

Not all loyalty rewards programs are the same but in general offer similar rewards that can be used to purchase products or redeemed for prizes. Programs typically work on a point accumulation based on products or services that are purchased. In return for being a loyal customer, points can be converted into reward box or money that can be spent or use like a debit card either within the merchant business, or even use to make purchases on everyday items were ever specific debit cards are accepted.