Get your JP Morgan retirement savings account online through This new development for 401(k) savings plan makes your account more accessible – you can check your savings plan web center anytime from any computer or smart phone. Yes, you may now check your account through your smart phone because is designed to be mobile-friendly. It is optimized to fit on the screen of your mobile device; each page will be easier to view and navigating it should be a breeze!

The first time you log in to your retirement savings account through, you will be required to register your device; you have to provide your standard ID and password and click on the ‘Login’ button. Once you have authenticated your device, you will no longer be asked to do it again. You will have the liberty to check your savings account whenever you please!

Benefits of Having a MyRewardsAtWork myrewardsatwork

If you create an online account with My Rewards At Work, you will be able to view and check your:

  • Retirement forecast
  • Account balance
  • Summary of investments
  • Contribution election
  • Year to date summary of balances and contributions

You have nothing to worry about as the web center is very easy to use. Moreover, having an online account will help you manage your retirement savings plan with J.P. Morgan Chase a lot better. Your retirement forecast is based on your J.P. Morgan Chase 401(k) savings plan and retirement plan benefits as well as your estimated Social Security benefits.

Logging in to Your MyRewardsAtWork Account

This service is created to enable former J.P. Morgan Chase employees who continue to have benefits, outstanding stock and option grants, or balances in the Deferred Compensation Plan or the 401(k) Savings Plan to access their accounts. From, a single sign-on box should pop up asking you to enter your standard ID and password. If you don’t know already, your standard ID is your former employee number with a prefix – for heritage Chase/Chem/MH/Morgan employees, this prefix is a U. If you don’t have any idea what your standard ID number is, you may seek assistance by calling 1-888-475-8133.

However, if your single sign on password has already expired or if you left the company before the single sign-on process was introduced, you will not be able to log in through the Single Sign-On box. If this is the case, you may also call 1-888-475-8133 for help. The representative will be able to assist you in resetting your password over the phone. Once you are able to log in through the Single Sign-On service, you will find links for each of the programs offered by J.P. Morgan Chase – you can learn more about each topic and understand the benefits that you should enjoy!